About Succubus

Succubus Bot began as a private bot for the /r/Konosuba Discord server. However, I decided to scrap my old bot, Spicy eGirl, and recode Succubus for public use.


Q: Who made Succubus Bot?

A: Succubus was coded and is maintained by All Toasters Toast Toast #0001.

Q: What language is Succubus written in?

A: Succubus is written in CSharp and uses the Discord.NET library.

Q: Do you accept donations?

A: Yes! We certainly do. If you would like to donate, you can do so on Patreon.

Q: Is Succubus on any bot websites?

A: Yup! Succubus can currently be found on Discord Bot List and Discord.Bots.gg.

Q: Do you have a support server?

A: Yes. If you need futher support, would like to report a bug, or just hang out, you can do so in the Support Server

Q: Who made the logo?

A: The Succubus logo trace was generously gifted by Twitter user lit_cousin. You can find their Twitter page Here!

Terms of Service

You can view Succubus's Terms of Service here.

Privacy Policy

For more information on how Succubus stores and uses your data, please view our Privacy Policy.


Last Updated: 9/6/22

Version Changes Made
v4.0 Release - Converted all reaction roles to buttons.
- Added modals for creating and editing reaction role messages and welcome/leave messages.
- Re-added paginators with buttons for queue and playlist lists.
- Added jump url button to newer starboard posts.
- Fixed some commands having unnecessary parameters.
- Looping music will no longer notify every loop due to a library bug.
- Added a Privacy Policy to help command.
- Some message related features (Starboard, Logging, etc.) are partially broken until Discord gives the bot the Message Content intent.
v3.1 Release - Added timeout command to give custom timeout durations to users.
- Added the ability to prune messages when using ban
- Fixed starboard-top
- Fixed various music bugs caused by library issues.
- Added Server Banner to serverinfo\n- Temporarily removed Status from userinfo as it seems to be broken
- Added Badges to userinfo
- Updated Succubus to .NET 6
v3.0 Release - Completely converted to slash commands!
- Added a bit more information to `serverinfo`
- Removed `saucenao toggledel` option since it no longer has a purpose.
- Most error messages should now only be shown to the user who ran the command help keep things neat.
- Removed a few outdated/unused commands.
- Confirmations are now handled through fancy buttons instead of reactions!
- Any commands with paginators are temporarily limited to page parameters (soon to be buttons!)
- Fixed a few bugs and typos.
v2.6.1 Release - Decreased Hololive data retrieval timer to one minute.
- Removed praise command due to lack of use.
v2.6 Release - Added an autoban system, which supports automatically banning joining usernames that match all or some of a condition, or be notified if a matching account joins.
- Tweaked Hololive embed to show new website.
- Various under the hood tweaks.
v2.5 Release - Fixed music which had broken with sharding.
- Added more timezones to support Daylight Savings in many regions.
- Added shard info to stats command.
v2.4.1 Release - Fixed ping clubs with 30+ members being unable to ping.
- Added more error handling to sauce command.
- Bot now runs on shards. Use serverinfo to see the shard your guild is running on.
v2.4 Release - Added the ability to change the timezone used in the Hololive command with the $$timezone command. By default, it will be EST.
- Fixed a bug which limited starboard top to users with Manage Channels.
- Added server creation date to serverinfo command.
v2.3 Release - Reaction Role reactions are no longer removed by the bot after clicking on them. You can now click on the reaction to gain the role, and remove your reaction to remove the role. (If it does remove the reaction, there was an error!)
- Removing a reaction role via delrole will now automatically remove all reactions for that reaction role. No more cleanup!
- Double-checks/Warning messages are no longer text-based. You can simply click on the action you would like to take.
- Most commands run will now inline reply to the source message. Don't worry, you won't get pinged. :)
- Temporarily removed rolecount command, as it has broken.
v2.2 Release - Added Server Icon link to serverinfo command.
- Fixed Hololive stream data being an hour behind.
- Added Hololive Official channel to list of VTubers.
- Added the sb selfstar command for allowing/denying self-stars. By default, they are denied.
- Fixed a bug where self-starring would still update the number of stars on the starboard, even if the reaction is removed.
v2.1.1 Release - Fixed a bug where you could not remove VTubers from the notifier.
- Updated Audio Client to fix music
v2.1 Release - Merged startop command into starboard group, making the command starboard top or sb top.
- Added Genshin Impact Mora + EXP materials calculator.
- Various bug fixes.
v2.0 Release - All Logging is now configurable, and log events can be turned on and off individually.
- Added logging for Role Creation, Role Editing, and Message Editing.
- Overhauled Help command, added more categories to make things less cluttered.
- Various SauceNAO features can now be configured, including number of results, original message deleting, and locking the command to a channel.
- Added Hololive stream notifier! You can now be automatically be notified in a channel when a VTuber goes live.
- Donators can now have Personal Hololive stream notifiers, sent directly to their DMs
- Tier 2 Donators can now mark one server as 'premium', which gives the server access to various perks.
v1.9.7 Release - Fixed a bug where Hololive command would not show the most recent upcoming stream in some cases.
- Fixed an error regarding certain SauceNAO databases.
- Added more information to the info commands, such as boost amount, active client, etc.
v1.9.6 Release - Added Hololive EN VTubers to Hololive command
- Implemented ratelimits on music playing to prevent spam (5 requests per 30 seconds)
- Other minor improvements
v1.9.5 Release - If no input is given, the Sauce command will give a jump link to the image used in the search.
- The Hololive command will now only search for upcoming streams in the next 72 hours. This will prevent 'chat rooms' from popping up in the results.
v1.9.4 Release - Fixed a bug where the starboard would incorrectly handle Twitter posts.
- Added a handler for role deletions, in order to not flood the log channel with role removals.
- Increased SauceNAO image search range to 20 messages.
- Sauce command now automatically deletes input.
v1.9.3 Release - Added extra setting to Accept Roles that allows the bot to add a role rather than removing it.
- Fixed a bug regarding the Hololive information not updating.
- Added Gen 5 VTubers to Hololive command.
v1.9.2 Release - Banning now supports direct user IDs alongside regular bans, even if the user is not in the server.
- Added total play time to queue command.
- Added a temporary feedback form, which can be accessed by the base help command.
v1.9.1 Release - Audio module now supports SoundCloud links.
- Readded looping to Audio module
- Changed starboard so that a message needs -2 stars in order to get removed. This is to prevent users from spamming posts on and off the starboard.
v1.9 Release - Greatly improved sauce command, now returns 5 results as well as similarity information, and supports doujin titles.
- Changed Hololive command to include the title in the general results. The stream link is still clickable.
- Other various minor improvements
v1.8.1 Release - Fixed Hololive data due to an API change, also added more information to VTuber specific inputs.
- Updated rolecount command to display members in all roles instead of just reaction roles.
-Role limits are now per reaction message. This allows more flexability for multiple reaction messages.
- Added seperate NSFW star requirement which can be set with $$sb setstars nsfw
v1.8 Release -Added playlists, cross-server personal playlists that tracks can be added to. The songs can be queued all at once, making it easy to listen to your favorite videos. Donators recieve more playlists and more songs per playlist!
-Added $$shuffle, which simply shuffles the current queue.
-Added p prefix for play
v1.7.2 Release -Moved $$startop command back to the Starboard category.
-Fixed $$stats displaying RAM usage incorrectly.
-Added valid Ping Club list to all Ping Club commands (a list of valid ping clubs will be displayed if an error occurs).
v1.7.1 Release - Added Holostars stream data to Hololive command. You can access this data with $$hololive holostars. The command $$hl [name] also supports Holostars characters as well.
- Added a list of available clubs to $$cping if an invalid club is input.
v1.7 Release - Moved Succubus from .NET Framework from .NET Core.
- Rewrote music using a different music api. Hopefully this will fix queues randomly breaking and improve music overall.
- Because of this change, looping is temporarily diabled, as the new api does not support it. A workaround is being made.
- Renamed the ping club command again to $$cping and $$cpingchnl, as the old name interfered with the regular latency command, $$ping (Oops).
v1.6.3 Release - Shortened ping club mention commands so they are easier to use, aka $$ping and $$pingchnl
v1.6.2 Release - Added Hololive command for various information about Hololive streams and VTubers.
- Changed Club pings so that the message parameter is now optional.
v1.6.1 Release - Added pingtoggle command to toggle pingability for ping clubs. By default, only moderators can ping clubs.
- Added rename command for ping clubs.
- Added pingchnl command for pinging clubs in specific channels.
- Fixed some ping club commands requiring quotes for club names when they shouldn't.
v1.6 Release - Moved information commands to the general category
- Added ping clubs, aka virtual "roles" that users can join and be pinged, without clogging up the role list.
v1.5.1 Hotfix Release - Added handlers for manually deleting reaction messages and reaction channels.
v1.5 Release - Added the ability to set a role that is given to users when they join.
They have to type $$accept to accept the rules and remove it.
v1.4 Release - Fixed various music related bugs.
- Added loop command
v1.3 Release - Added basic music features. This is mainly to test how much RAM is used with this feature.
v1.2 Release - Added the ability to change the bot's prefix with the $$setprefix command
- Added $$purge command for mass message deletion
- Added another alias for reactionroles
- Added a join date to userinfo
v1.1 Release - Added leave messages
- Added server count updater for top.gg
v1.0 Release - Released Succubus to the public!
- Added invite command
v0.5 Pre-Release - Added $$sb setemote
- Added scanning functionability to sauce
- Added temporary Christmas countdown command
v0.4 Pre-Release - Added $$rr edit command
v0.3 Pre-Release - Added $$startop command
- Fixed a bug where invalid emotes for $$bigemote were handled incorrectly
v0.2 Pre-Release - Added $$rr togglelimit
v0.1 Pre-Release - Succubus is launched for the first time