Succubus Bot


Succubus has recently converted to slash commands. The old prefix commands no longer work!

Welcome to the home page for Succubus Bot.

Succubus is a Discord Bot with many different useful and interactive features. Why use multiple bots when you can use just one? With Succubus, you can get all the features of many popular bots wrapped into one package.

A quick list of what Succubus has to offer:

✅ Moderation features such as banning, kicking, preemtive bans, rule accepting, etc.
✅ AutoBan system that can ban or notify the presence of unwanted accounts.
✅ Starboard and NSFW Starboard with custom star emotes and seperate star requirements.
✅ Reaction roles with up to 5 seperate reaction messages, each with optional user role limits. (100 reaction roles!)
✅ Full logging, with each log event toggleable.
✅ Hololive Stream status with customizable timezones, as well as a notifier for when someone goes live
✅ SauceNAO support, returning up to 5 search results and optional channel locking.
✅ Music support with skipping, seeking, volume control, and a queue system.
✅ Welcome and Leave messages and images.
✅ Ping Clubs, a form of virtual role that can be mentioned instead of a physical role.
✅ 99.9% uptime
✅ 100% free!
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